Take Control!

Couples can better communicate on sensitive money issues 

We find common ground so you can live your life and still be within your budget.  Strike the right balance in your finances even despite potential conflict.  We help get couples on the same page (or hopefully from the same book)


We ensure that your money is available to you even during unforeseen circumstances. Allows for uncertainty and changes in income.

Get a fresh start now!

We will grow with you for a lifetime.  Never feel like you have to worry about budgets or bills again. Leave it to us!

Keeping your budget up to date

We take care of your budgeting so you don’t have to!

Get the benefit of budgeting without the hassle

You don’t have to know accounting!    But if you are good at excel spreadsheets but are getting tired of it, we are that solution you need!  However, it’s still too tedious. Harness your bank or credit union to merge their strategies with ours. This gives you the best possible outcome!  Our algorithms manage your household budget in ways previously unheard of!


We give you a great process to plan gift throughout the year for all your occasions

Endless Journey with stops along the way

Your finances are your life. We want what is right for you. It is a series of short plays (budget periods) that run for ½ month.

Keeps You Organized

You don’t have to worry about managing money. Our budgeting algorithms take care of that headache for you!  Budgeting Made for You. All the benefits of budgeting – without the accounting degree!

Automated Intelligence or maybe a bit of smart budget coaching

Helping you to (mostly) stay in bounds. And when you are out of bounds, navigating yourself back on course. Balancing your lifestyle wants while respecting your personal financial reality.