Credit Cards

Whether you are using a rewards card and tend to pay in full or are paying some variation, we pay particular attention to the liability and payments that will be in your best interest.


Knowing where to put your money and when you will need it is something we do for you. Life is not always predictable. We help you figure which accounts should have money and why at any given time.


Goal money can be kept in checking or savings then disbursed as needed. Many pay for their vacations after they take them which can really make vacations seem less fun.

Where You Are

Know exactly where stand today, or on any given day. Other budgeting software is full of simplistic and misleading scenarios on spending. For example, other software might have told you that you spent one-third of your income with only two-thirds remaining based off one dollar amount. That doesn’t capture your actual flow of money, and can be very misleading.

For example, say a person brings home $2,000 per month and has a house payment of $950 every month. This same person pays for housing on the 1st day of the month but doesn’t get their next paycheck cleared till the end of the 1st week. Other reporting systems might tell you that with one payment, you depleted your account by almost 48%, which can add stress to your life. But with Budget Referee, we know the next paycheck is just around the corner so you can stay focused.

Error Rate

This is a percentage of your so called available money. As we view budgeting as an iterative learning process, we have dynamic real time modeling to have just the right flexibility in your budget to keep it sustainable and useful to you in the long run. After all, unless you can predict the future, trust us, it’s better for you this way.


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