The Budgeting Stress of an American Employee

The end of the month is here, knocking on your door with all the stress it brings. You don’t just endure it once every year, but twelve times!  You log into your account just to see that the number is dwindling with each expense.  You find yourself wondering about the next month, and the next, and even the next year.  The budgeting stress grasps you like a crushing handshake.

So, what are some statistics that indicate the overall financial stress of an American employee? The numbers are quite alarming.  AND, we know a solution!

The Crushing Numbers

If you are the employee who has an end-of-the-month monster after you, you are not alone on this desperate ride. Seven out of 10 American workers say financial stress is their most common cause of stress [1]. This is a quite high percentage, don’t you think?

Stress doesn’t just come at the end of the month.  It’s a shadow that follows you throughout your workday.  Roughly one in five employees admitted they had skipped work in the past year to deal with a financial problem.[2]

Following this, 39 percent spend at least three hours each week either thinking about or dealing with financial problems at work. [3]  This comes to 12 hours each month spent coping with stress.

Americans have named money their top source of stress for seven of the last eight years.  It shows that this is a recurring problem for many years, even decades now.

Employers Contribute to The Numbers

According to research by Gallup, only 6 percent of employees strongly agree their organization does things to help them manage their finances more effectively. [4]

At least the employers are aware of the problem. Three out of four employers are somewhat likely or very likely to expand employee benefits designed to promote financial well-being. [5]  Counselors may help employees set up automatic transfers to implement cash flow management.

In an economy where so many employees are stressed about money, providing talented workers with tools to address that stress can be a competitive edge.  A good employer is aware of this fact.

The Solution for All that Stress

The solution is not just another band-aid sentence, like “Stop worrying, live your life!”.   Be aware that when you can’t follow your budget or have enough savings to tap into, you will not fail miserably. The root of all financial stress is the fact that people don’t know how to navigate their finances correctly.

The solution to your problem is Budget Referee, our personal budgeting product.  We will not scold you if you cannot abide by next month’s budget.  We will give you a personalized solution to reduce your overall anxiety before the upcoming end of the month.

As an employer, offering a tool like Budget Referee can reduce the anxiety of your employees’ experience, and enhance their productivity and quality of work.

If you are a contributor to the statistics mentioned above, why not give Budget Referee a try?

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